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How the platform works?

How to hire a freelancer

  • Customer registration

    Enter in the registration field all the information that is mandatory, in the case of the company it is also mandatory to place the company logo and banner.

  • Placement of the project to be executed

    Post a project with complete information and attachments. Select the project category and subcategory to vote for the desired freelancer.

  • Connection with a freelancer

    After establishing a relationship with a freelancer, evaluate his portfolio and agree to the terms of the contract.

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How do I get a project

  • Register and create a complete profile

    Enter all the required information in the registration field, post complete information about your skills, post the projects you have completed.

  • Project selection

    Familiarize yourself with the project and let the employer know that you are ready to work with it. Indicate the amount for which you will complete the project.

  • Feedback to the customer

    After the completion of the project, the client will evaluate the quality of the completed project.

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Be accountable.

  • Customer trust

    Execute the project in compliance with all the conditions and in a predetermined time frame.

  • Keep your promise

    Follow all terms of the contract, do not ask the freelancer for more than what is written in the software assignment.

  • How not to act

    1. We did not intentionally complete the project in a predetermined time frame. 2. Despite the proper and quality implementation of the project, we do not evaluate the freelancer with a five-star system.

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